Zachery Parmelee (an0ther_atheist) wrote in turlocksucks,
Zachery Parmelee

Free Show! Jeff Bonilla!

Free one-man acoustic/rhythm show featuring Jeff Bonilla. June 2nd and June 10th!

Jeff is an up-and-coming solo singer/songwriter playing acoustic guitar and bongo-style drums. The venue is cozy, the show is free, and the people are friendly! All that's asked is that you consider buying a cup of coffee or a muffin from the cafe. :P

Thursday Jun 2 |AND| Friday Jun 10
both at 7:00 PM

J Street Cafe
1030 J St
Modesto, CA 95350

Jeff is a good friend of mine, and a really talented musician. You may have seen him in his old band, Dodgy Hosa (now defunct). He's a great guy and is taking off with his own solo career! It's at a cafe, so there's plenty of good coffee and good food if you so desire. The show's free and in a friendly atmoshpere, so come out on the 2nd or the 10th (or both!) to relax and enjoy some music. Bring your friends! :D
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