Miss A. (agirlhurts) wrote in turlocksucks,
Miss A.

king cobra/experimental dental in modesto

a girl hurts will be presenting a punk rock prom tomorrow (friday) night in modesto, california, just a short hour or so from sf featuring king cobra, experimental dental school, d.a.r.y.l., phone tap noir, femmebotz, health, and other great bands. prom king and queen will be voted upon and crowned after midnight. cheap drinks, tons of fun, 21+ with i.d.

$10 per person/$15 per couple. this event WILL sell out. starts around 8pm. pictures available. come with yr party shoes on, or just come to party.

modesto is legendary for many reasons, and this show will be one of them.

for more information or to hear the bands mentioned, check out myspace.com/agirlhurts

thanks for listening, i now return you to yr regular indie digest,

miss a. (out)
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