hang the DJ (bluevioletriot) wrote in turlocksucks,
hang the DJ

Goes great with election day!

This is a great political satire put on by my friends in the Iron Ring Theater group. I just got back from opening night, where I was thoroughly impressed. They managed to fuse film noir with the graphic novel in a live performance (not an easy task), which I found stylistically reminiscent of Sin City.

If you go, make sure to get a seat in the central area. Seems it is best viewed from a frontal vantage point. It's being performed at the Youth Center in Turlock, which is in the same parking lot area as The Taco Trucks. It's that dark little building across the lot. I'd talk more about it, but don't want to spoil it. It's fun to pick out all the political and social commentary on your own as it unfolds.

Strong language, prolly should leave the kids at home if you got 'em. Only one weekend of performances left >
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